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a day of being young

a day of being young.

checking into my hotel: “you need to be 21 to check yourself in, sorry!”

as they held my id I replied with a laugh, “I’m 23”

they checked the date, “wow, you just look so young.”

team dinner with the 17 and 18 year old girls that I coach and their parents

the waitress: “do you have a parent here that’s paying your bill?”

giggles from my girls and a laugh from me with a simple reply of “no, it’s just me here.”

a day of being young.

Trust Yourself


2 responses to “a day of being young”

  1. Oooh, I remember being frequently accused of being a student out of class back when I first began subbing (before I got my teaching degree). I was also 23 then and it incensed me! It also gave me quite a glimpse into how disrespectfully our students were often treated by adults in schools. Just wow.


  2. What a great slice! It’s so amusing when people think you’re younger than you are — I was carded at an airport bar when I was 26. But it becomes an advantage when you get much older, and still look younger than you are. Good genes for age, I call it.

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