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the women who shaped me.

I’m a smidge at a loss of how to put into words all that my grandmas mean to me.

To be honest simply typing those three sentences above was enough to put tears in my eyes.

I’ll start with this, the one thing that scared me about moving to Green Bay after college was being that far away from my grandmas. I know I spent 4 years of college in Iowa, but that was different. I was still home for weekends, breaks, summers, and even my last semester when I student taught. This move felt more permanent.

While I student taught I saw both of my grandmas once a week, at least. I grocery shopped and got dinner with my Grandma Hombsch every Wednesday evening, I popped over to Grandma Cantwell’s frequently to help with an odd job, play piano, or just say hello. So the thought of moving two hours away and not seeing them every week was scary.

My grandmas are my rocks.

My grandmas are my inspiration.

My grandmas are best friends (that’s my favorite thing to tell people).

My grandmas are the first people I like to show my art to.

My grandmas are who give the best treats.

My grandmas are who I call when I have exciting news.

My grandmas are who were at every single pig show.

My grandmas are who make sure I have an outfit for every event.

My grandmas are who taught me to bake.

My grandmas are who were at every band concert and piano recital.

My grandmas are who encourage me.

My grandmas are who never miss a birthday.

My grandmas are who checked on me when I was home alone and sick.

My grandmas are my safe space.

Ultimately, my grandmas are the best.

Trust Yourself


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