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’twas the night before surgery

I’m officially on spring break! While that feels exciting to say, it feels exciting for the wrong reasons.

Tomorrow I embark on the journey of shoulder surgery number two and I have some feelings…

I feel sad. I’m missing two days with my kiddos.

I feel unsure. Playing piano is my ultimate escape from life and that escape will be temporarily gone.

I feel supported. Between friends wishing me luck tomorrow and my coworkers all popping in at the end of the day today to wish me luck and remind me to let them know I’m okay once I’m feeling up to it.

I feel loved. My mom is making the two hour drive as I type this to come stay with me for my first few days of recovery.

I feel relieved. Everyone expects me to feel nervous and maybe I’m just telling myself I’m not to keep calm, but honestly, I’m just relieved to be one step closer to having a functioning shoulder again.

I feel at peace. I have a doctor who I trust and great health insurance.

I feel ready.

‘Twas the night before surgery.

Trust Yourself


2 responses to “’twas the night before surgery”

  1. You sound ready. I love the way you use “I feel…” and then put a different emotion each time. Great idea and really conveys all the emotions leading up to something like surgery. Good luck tomorrow and feel better soon!

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    1. Thanks for the well wishes! ☺️


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