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a moment of complete happiness

Do you ever just find yourself in a moment of complete happiness? It feels as if you’ve left your body and you are looking at yourself from above in awe. Completely content. Truly in the present.

I found myself in that very spot tonight. Twice.

The first at dinner. Two and a half hours sitting at the bar.

Drinking. A Coors with a pickle, one without, a Corona, and a Kiddie Cocktail.

Eating. A quesadilla, wings, chicken tenders, and cheese curds.

Laughter. A very confused looking man, swapped stories of our students, and over the top reactions to everything.

Tears. The discussion of one moving on to a potential new job. The simple “I’m proud of you girls.” The love in our eyes as we looked around our end of the bar.

Happiness. There is no better feeling than simply looking around you in a moment and smiling, surrounded by those you love. A moment of true happiness and true belonging.

The second on the drive home.

Hydroplaning. Not funny, just ironic with the week we’ve been having at school.

Singing. Not an ounce of good singing, but singing nonetheless.

Laughter. Hard, full, hurts your stomach laughter.

Dancing. Again, not good. One driving and one in a sling doesn’t leave many options for dancing.

Weirdness. Being so comfortable with this person you can say and do your weirdest things.

Happiness. Being present and realizing how grateful you are to have met this wonderful person.

Twice. Twice tonight I found myself just being in the present. A moment of complete happiness. Pure happiness. Pure love.

Trust Yourself


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