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another goodbye, but a different goodbye

Yet another goodbye. While this was another end of the season goodbye, it was different than the last. My 14’s are just babies. They still have years to play yet, both for their high schools and for club. So this feels… less sad? Maybe?

I believe there’s a lot of power in having different coaches year to year in club because different coaches have different approaches. Different skills to teach you. Different lessons to share with you. Different philosophies. Different coaching experiences.

However, I think there is also power in spending more than one season with your players. Sometimes it feels like you’ve just scratched the surface of growth with your players. Sometimes it feels like you finally found your rhythm. Sometimes it feels like the season was too short to accomplish all that you wanted. This was one of those seasons.

My players grew an unbelievable amount, but I feel like we weren’t done growing as a team. I’m proud of the progress they’ve made, but I (maybe selfishly) want to be the one to continue pushing them to new levels. This team is just one of those teams that I wouldn’t hesitate to coach again. Hard-working, dedicated, goofy, enthusiastic, and all around good kids.

Maybe this goodbye feels less sad because I’m holding out hope that I’ll get to “loop” with them, spending another season together. Maybe that’s silly. Maybe that’s unrealistic. Maybe I’m avoiding the goodbye, but I’m not sure I’m ready for another goodbye. I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to these kids, MY kids, so for now I hold on to those hopes.

I know no matter what it’ll be fine. I’ll hopefully see them in the gym next winter, whether I’m coaching them or not. I’ll hopefully catch a game of their high school season. I’ll stay updated on their lives through social media. I’ll give them one final “I’m proud of you” and on we’ll all go.

Trust Yourself


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