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asking for help

I don’t like asking for help. It’s not a strong suit of mine. I like people to think I can do it all. That I have it all together. But honestly, who does?

While I’m still not great at asking for help, I’d like to think I’m getting better. I think there is strength in being self aware enough to ask for help.

Today was a day I asked for help and I’m proud of myself for that.

Trust Yourself


6 responses to “asking for help”

  1. Being humble and vulnerable often seem to require leaps of faith. Sounds like you took one, for which I salute your bravery. Have you come across the work of Brene Brown, a psychologist who champions what you’re describing?

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    1. I absolutely LOVE Brene Brown!! I need to get back into reading her work!


  2. I f do not like asking for help either, but I’ve come to see asking for help as giving someone else an opportunity to be helpful, which is something most of us like to be.

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    1. Yeah I often have to remind myself of that because I love helping people! It brings me a lot of joy!


  3. I find it really hard to ask for help. I’d love to hear more specifics from your most recent “adventure.”

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    1. The biggest ask for help was asking my coworker if she’d be willing to pick me up and bring me to school every morning for a while. Stuck in a sling means no driving for me… I hate feeling like a burden, but day one of her driving me and she was over the moon to be able to take care of someone again. Her kids are out of the house and like any mom I think she just likes to be needed.


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