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ponytail giggles

I sat straddling the toilet backwards trying to give step by step instructions to my little brother as he put my hair into a ponytail. He struggled to hold the brush and my hair, pieces falling out of his hands every time he brushed through it.

Giggles ensued.

He finally abandoned the brush and said “I’m just going to use my hands.” My hair was finally coming together in a ponytail shape and the next daunting task was upon us… putting in the pony tail. A skill I never really realized was a skill. With a quick (not so great) one handed demo of how to twist the ponytail, he went in for the kill. A few “sorrys” as he looped it around three times and we were finished. He wasn’t proud of his work, quick to say, “I’m sorry it’s not high enough.”

But here’s the thing, I didn’t really care how it looked. I was just happy he was willing to find time in his busy college schedule to stop over and help me with a simple task. He didn’t complain once. He didn’t tell me to ask someone else. He simply showed up, no questions asked.

We giggled through it and I walked away with a good looking ponytail, a smile on my face, and a story to tell.

Trust Yourself


3 responses to “ponytail giggles”

  1. Oooh, I wrote a ponytail slice (yesterday) too! However, mine didn’t have the kind of vivid imagery created with words that yours did. (I used photos instead. Kind of wished I pushed myself harder and did what you did.)

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    1. Must have been a ponytail kind of day! Haha


  2. Big brothers are the best! Although mine did more tormenting than anything else!

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