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thank god for moms

Honestly, thank god for my mom. I am beyond grateful she is here to take care of me during my recovery. Between mapping my med and icing times out, to making sure I’m getting plenty to eat and drink, she’s been the best possible caregiver.

This morning I woke up at seven and unable to fall back asleep I decided to ice my shoulder. I moved out to the living room and with my sling free arm filled my ice machine and got all hooked up on my own. I could hear my mom snoring in the other room and just wanted her to be able to sleep in for once. She had set an alarm to get up and give me meds at 3:00 AM last night for Pete’s sake!

Any guesses as to what she said when she woke up at nine to find me in the living room icing?

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Thank God for my mom. ❤

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2 responses to “thank god for moms”

  1. I love how you, who sounds like you need to be taken care of, are also taking care of your mom. Moms are definitely the best!

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  2. I’m so glad she is there to help. There’s nothing better than being taken care of. Moms are truly the best.


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