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ice cream cures all

I wouldn’t say my day was “bad” and I wouldn’t say it was “good,” it was simply “meh.” But as my day came to an end an impromptu trip to Culvers came about. Sitting in Culvers for over an hour eating ice cream, chatting, and laughing cured everything. For a small moment in time I forgot about the papers I have to grade, the lesson planning I need to do, and the very messy state of my apartment. I was present. I was happy. I was laughing. I was enjoying life.

I know it sounds silly to say, but some of my BEST memories have come from sitting at a Culvers. It was like “our place” in my hometown. Every Sunday my family went there to eat after church. After every school band concert all the families would meet there for ice cream. After every home volleyball and basketball game the team and my classmates would go there. Culvers was “our place.”

While I do believe ice cream cures all, I’m starting to think that it’s really, Culvers that cures all.

Trust Yourself


3 responses to “ice cream cures all”

  1. It was interesting to read how your mood lifted, the memories surfaced and you arrived to the conclusion that it’s the place rather than ice-cream that cures you. Perhaps it’s the place, people and ice-cream together that work the magic. Ice-cream is like chocolate, both can do wonders.

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    1. I think it’s definitely all three 🙂


    2. I need a Culvers! And an ice-cream outing with laughing, and chatting, and sweetness. Great slice. Made me happy reading this. Welcome to the SOLC!

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