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New journeys felt like an accurate title for my first post, as it feels like the last two years have been filled with them. When I reflect on those two short years, I cannot help but be proud of all the journeys I’ve begun. I never take a second to acknowledge and relish in all that has come to be for me. Graduating college summa cum laude. Starting my teaching career in the middle of a pandemic. Living alone for the first time ever. Making new friends in a new city. Starting my coaching career, at the club and high school level. Buying a new car. Buying a huge sectional just for me. Starting a small business with my dad. My life has changed drastically in a short two year span and I don’t always appreciate that.

These two years have been challenging, exhausting, and beautiful all in one. I’ve discovered and continue to discover a lot about myself. About setting boundaries. About loving myself. About my self worth. About my purpose in this world. About trusting myself.

I feel that I’m ready to start yet another new journey, as I step into the world of writing and writers.

Trust Yourself

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